*these were the 10 titles screened at our Dec 27th event

Best Film of the Festival: Chairs - Dir. by James Hughes (UK) 

1st Runner Up for Best Film: The Last Supper - Dir. by Weijia Tang (USA) 

2nd Runner Up for Best Film: No Escape -  Dir. by Sascha Wolf (Germany)

Best Director of the Festival: Kory Orban - [Insert Short Film Title](Canada) 

Best Writer of the Festival: Anders Jay Ravenstad, Joshua Thompson - Fairware: Welcome to the Family! (USA) 

Best Actor of the Festival: Luke Rex - Bonding - Dir. by Luke Rex (USA)

Best Actress of the Festival: Courtney Pauroso - Technical Support - Dir. by Kris Lefcoe (USA)

Best Cast of the Festival: Bildur Aize - Dir. by Daniel Llusa Ribes (Spain) 

Best Cinematography of the Festival: Sam Tetro  - Rising - Dir. by Daeun Kim (USA) 

Best Editing of the Festival: Lost Youth - Dir. by Yassine Abbar (France)

Audience Choice: No Escape - Dir. by Sascha Wolf (Germany)

Category Award Nominees

These films are not screened at our live event but are in the running for IMDb-eligible awards. Click each category to see the full list of nominations.